There are many types of clothing label which give the designer a variety of choices to choose from. It is a bit challenging for many designers to choose the best label to use for their garments or any other products that they may have. However, before you choose a label for any of your products, you must consider the item’s level of quality, design, fabric and how the label will be attached to your products. You should also check your budget to see that if it will cater for the production of labels. The following types of labels are available in the market. The woven labels are the most common type of labels; they are made as one seamless piece on a loom. They are durable hence stay longer due to their high quality. They look professional when attached to the final product. There are varies fabrics that may be used for woven labels such as damask which is of high density, semi-damask which is a little thinner and taffeta which is a label with a flat finish.

Another type is the printed labels which contain information that is printed directly on the label at wovenlabelhk.com. The labels can be thermally or printed digitally on the cloth. They are mostly used for swimwear throughout the industry. With this type, the information may fade with time as you wash the garment regularly or use the product many times. Printed labels are good to use with fashion t and trends that are made to last for a shorter time.

Embroidered labels are also types of labels that are used mostly by people who are making products just for family use. The embroidery is mostly used for making patches. The Leather labels can also be used on an item. One may choose to use either Real leather or faux leather. They are more durable and unique, and this will automatically make you stand out from the rest of designers or producers. They can be a bit costly, but the price is worth it. The synthetic leather may be ideal because it can be controlled on the look and the color. They are excellent for items that give an individual a rustic feel. Another unique alternative when it comes to labels is the rubber or the silicone, click here to know more!

Rubber labels are flexible enough to be used in various items because they can be easily transformed into different shapes and sizes to fit the designer’s specifications. They can also be molded into different colors. They are excellent in resisting weather and very durable. They look great when attached to items. To read more on the importance of knowing the different types of labels, check out https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qVNsDL9LiS4.


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