Other than food and shelter, clothing is also one of the basic needs. Clothes are used to offer protection to the body as well as enhancement of beauty. Therefore, different clothes serve different purposes. On the other hand, labels are used for many applications, and they provide information about a product. Moreover, labels have a very critical role they play in the marketing of a product. In actual sense, a label portrays the quality of a product, and that positively affects the sales of the product. Apart from clothes, labels are also present in items such as toys, shoes, household items, and many others.

There are clothes for different occasions, seasons, ages, sexes and generations too. The styles of clothes always change, and more brands penetrate the market. Clothing label at wovenlabelhk.com is, therefore, an identity label for clothing. There is always a tag to identify your line of clothing, and it is usually customized. The tags of clothes are available in various sizes, shapes, materials, and types. The standard shape of a clothing label is the rectangle, but it can also be found in oval or square shape. The clothing label is usually attached to the inner parts of the clothing so that there are no cases of non-allergic material when it comes in direct contact with the skin.

The type of clothing label should not be big because it might irritate the body parts. Labels can be attached to any clothing. For the clothes that are designed for the upper body parts, the clothing label is put at the inside seam of the neck. The clothing for the lower body has labels placed at the waist line seams. Labels can be made of copper plates, steel or even leather. Labels are mainly meant to flash the brands rather than identification.  For more facts and information about Clothing Labels , you can go to https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Clothing_label.

Based on the use of clothing, printed clothing label are categorized as content labels, brand label, size labels and care labels. Depending on how the information is portrayed, the labels are classified into printed clothing labels and woven clothing labels. For the printed labels, information is printed on the clothing by using a permanent ink. The clothing has to be made of material like satin, polyester or nylon. These labels are cheaper when compared to the woven types. For the woven clothing labels, the information is knit and the chances of it fading is nil. However, production of such labels is costly. Woven labels are used for high-quality garments because of their durability and long life.


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